Notes from Jan

America Unmasked

  Yesterday I took a Sunday afternoon drive to see some family faces. I arrived just in time to  join them in a car parade  to support Black Lives Matter.  We crawled through town,  lines of  plain and decorated cars with hazard lights flashing…

June 8, 2020
Notes from Jan

Aslan’s on the Move

Anyone need some hope?       Have you ever read The Chronicles of Narnia  by C.S. Lewis?   To help folks feel less isolated, our priest, Father Patrick’s been reading these books  online for the Christ Church family. On the other hand, sometimes after watching…

June 5, 2020
Notes from Jan

After the Yelling Stops, the Work Starts

For days I’ve tossed about words, piling them up like yesterday’s newspapers. At the beginning of the week I began writing about the President’s mandate “to open up  all churches, synagogues and mosques, so people can worship and pray.”  Instead of writing I started yelling,…

May 30, 2020
Notes from Jan

Listening for God

It’s quiet around here,  on this Memorial Day.  No parades.  It’s cool and misty, so no beach traffic.  Unless I crank up the music, zoom or answer the phone, the day will settle into  silence, sometimes too deep for comfort. Now and then,  a…

May 25, 2020
Notes from Jan


To most, it’s just a necklace.  However, to me it speaks of hope and courage to persevere in tough times. It’s a tangible reminder of roots and branches, the makings of family trees. My daughter-in -love gave me  this silver and enamel tree of life…

May 20, 2020
Notes from Jan

Redemption Centers

Remember S&H Green Stamps?  Well, some of you may recall this wide-spread system for rewarding customer loyalty.  When Jud and I were first married, money was tighter than my sweat pants are becoming. As the shopper with serious limitations (I’m referring to finances) stores…

May 15, 2020
Notes from Jan

Signs of the Times

Awoke to blossoms fluttering past my window.  That’s strange. It’s May. After a few blinks, I looked again.  Snow! These are strange times. No point in fussing and fuming, I’m not going anywhere.  Plus, this too shall pass, and as a matter of fact, already has. Which…

May 9, 2020
Notes from Jan

What’s For Dinner?

These are strange times when it comes to food.  The President commands meat to come forth, no matter the cost. Lines of folks wait for something, anything to eat. And I go on a daily archaeological dig to my freezer to unearth something edible,…

May 4, 2020
Notes from Jan

Still Learning

There’s good in being still, learning to trust more, fret less.  I’m settling into the  calm embedded in this slower pace.  All is well until I move too far into the future, then fret turns into frantic. So, I take a deep breath, no…

May 2, 2020
Notes from Jan

Fault Lines

  The clock tells me it’s morning, still the small lamp in the living room flickers off, then on, as if the auto-sensor can’t decide.  I know the feeling.  Oddly, a Sven and Ole joke pops into my head.  Sven  was having a problem…

April 30, 2020