The Welcome Song

welcomeIts a place we all want to experience, and popular storyteller Jan Carlberg (author of The Hungry Heart and daughter of best-selling author Margaret Jensen) takes readers of all ages on a wonder-filled journey to a place called home.

Whether its a nostalgic trip back to the gentler days of childhood or a warm introduction to the family youve longed for, each story offers inspiration, showing how to heal from the wounds of yesterday and create homes where love lives today. The forty-one tales (all true) are captivating and encouraging, sometimes poignant, and always brightened by a sense of humor.

The Welcome Song is a gift that will touch every reader, because each will see her- or himself in the people who grace these pages . . . imperfections, sure, but mostly pure, wonderful, lovely potential!

A book “a keepsake”that makes readers feel this good will be shared by the handfuls, finding its way into the hearts of friends and families everywhere.

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