Notes from Jan

After The Star Goes Back Where It Came From

The Christmas tree star’s back where it came from, boxed up until it’s time to shine again. No more signs of Christmas other than some wee lights wrapped around  a potted cactus in the living room.  Not a bad visual. Life’s prickly here and…

January 10, 2020
Notes from Jan

Welcoming a New Year with God, Groups and Grapes

Looking back, it was a year of loss, twenty pounds lost.  Hadn’t made a New Year’s resolution to “lose weight” in 2019, since lost weight always found me before I could celebrate with a small hot fudge sundae. My goals, resolutions and  lists tend to…

January 3, 2020
Notes from Jan

Turnaround Time

Sometimes Plan B’s the better one. Last night I hurried past the Salvation Army bellringer,  stationed outside  our Market Basket.  I reasoned, “Running late, sent a check last week.” As I  pulled away, I caught a glimpse of her, jumping around to keep warm…

December 21, 2019
Notes from Jan

Shopping for Comfort and Joy

Jiggled the key into the designated spot, still showing dribbles from my attempt at lubricating the mailbox keyhole. Better. Lock’s old and stiff, like someone I know. Last week I reported to my family about my check-up at the Dr. After looking at some…

December 6, 2019
Notes from Jan

Choosing Calm in a Frenzied Season

Today’s Black Friday. Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving. Which day matters more in our buy-buy culture? The Boston Globe landed with a thud yesterday, jammed with inserts and ads. The mailbox’s filled with more of the same, plus catalogs. This  Sunday marks the beginning of…

November 29, 2019
Notes from Jan

What Right Matters More?

No surprise to anyone paying attention to the visual and verbal cues in the impeachment hearings,  we are a  divided nation. Today’s Writer’s Almanac, a daily entry in my email, brought a word gift, The Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln.   It’s been a…

November 19, 2019
Notes from Jan

Magnificent Losers

The headline caught my eye in today’s Obituary section of the Boston Globe: “Raymond  Poulidor, beloved runner-up cyclist.” Beloved Runner-Up? We  love winners.  Once the confetti’s swept up,  red carpet put away, banners taken down,  few remember who came in second or won  Miss Congeniality. …

November 14, 2019
Notes from Jan

Saints Below

Growing up Baptist left me with few saintly thoughts.  Saints were for Catholics who needed to be cautioned about idolatry.  Now that I’m older and attend an Episcopal church, I recognize saints and sinners reside in and outside all churches. The saints I’ve known…

November 5, 2019
Notes from Jan

Assessing One’s Net Worth

Hairnets. Style smashers and smile bringers. Jud and I met in the college kitchen. He wore a white cap, the kind you see in old fashioned photos of soda jerks.  He was no jerk and hauled heavy pans and metal containers of milk, no…

October 28, 2019
Notes from Jan

Fireside Chat

To start with, Lucy’s seven, not the age of a sage. I’m more than ten times her age. So what can she teach me about  Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and the fiery furnace?  I know the story. The first time I heard it, Mrs. Miller,…

October 18, 2019