Notes from Jan

Lessons from Legos

The dining room table’s laden with legos. Basil’s home from school. His imagination’s crafted a towering structure using his imagination, not boxed instructions. I like that about him. Give him something prettily packaged and soon it’s morphed into a gazillion different objects or battles…

February 4, 2019
Notes from Jan

Life On Bended Knees

Her smile’s grown slightly shy because of her teeth, the only thing not real about my Norwegian grandmother. I love the picture so much, it’s tucked inside my small New Testament, a reminder of what love and faithfulness look like. The angle’s odd, as…

January 31, 2019
Notes from Jan

Half-way to Spring and My Tree’s Still Up

That’s what I read in the paper, “We’re half-way to Spring.” That’s a dose of perspective to warm the heart, if not the 11 degrees below zero windchill. Some of you must’ve wondered what happened to me. Well, I ran into a snag with…

January 21, 2019
Notes from Jan

Shuttering Thoughts

Christmas decorations tend to hang around New England a good bit past their prime. Me,too. Last week I passed by a yard full of inflatable snowmen, wobbling away, while Santa lay flattened, all the air sucked out of him. Been there. Like this morning…

January 9, 2019
Notes from Jan

Stuck in the Stable?

Today’s newspaper arrived without a thud. Pull the ads and there’s not much news.  Some editor made a decision to cut the comics in half, which is ok since they weren’t all that funny. Started putting away Christmas yesterday, not much, just ribbons and…

January 2, 2019
Notes from Jan

After All’s Said and Done

The days following Christmas, for too many of us, spiral down to overflowing trash bins and treks to stores to return goods or hunt bargains. What was it like in the days after Christ’s birth? Who’s still hanging around The Miracle, still swaddled and sensing he’s…

December 27, 2018
Notes from Jan

Woe be Gone

My schedule reminded me “routine colonoscopy in two weeks” until the mail arrived with an invitation to an Advent luncheon and program. What to do? Lets just say, I really enjoyed the Advent gathering, drinking Christmas cheer instead of some solution determined to keep…

December 19, 2018
Notes from Jan

Thoughts on Walls and Halls

  Yesterday, after visiting friends at Brooksby Village,  beautiful residential and assisted living facility nearby, I found myself fascinated by ways owners identified their space along ribbons of hallways. Each door and shelf left clues about who lived inside. Some identified with sports, others…

December 13, 2018
Notes from Jan

For the Love of Man and Beast

Earlier this week, when Grand-sitting, I took Cozy’s face in my hands and said, “God loves you, sweet Cozy.” I did not add, “and has a wonderful plan for your life.” Cozy’s the Carlberg family’s dog. My spiritual connection with Cozy’s rooted in the…

December 7, 2018
Notes from Jan

Discounting Christianity

The box read: EVERYTHING CHRISTIAN for less. Troubling words. Black Friday taunts Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday muscles into the workweek, and we who call ourselves, followers of Christ, must cringe at the notion Christianity’s become discountable. Of course, that’s not what the marketing department meant,…

November 29, 2018