Notes from Jan

More, Please.

Every day the pleas go out, the bidding begins for more PPE gear, masks, ventilators and beds. Each day the numbers climb of the sick, the dead, the unemployed. The news reveals faces, slumped shoulders of battle-fatigued nurses and doctors. But, thankfully, stories also…

April 4, 2020
Notes from Jan

Wright’s Right, This is a Season of Lament

  Church, as a building, won’t be open for business Palm Sunday or Easter. This reality leaves me feeling like Lent’s been extended or as one church posted outside their door, ” Hadn’t planned on giving up quite this much for Lent.” Who had? Another…

April 2, 2020
Notes from Jan

Take a Deep Breath

The doctor rests her stethoscope against my back saying,”Take a deep breath.”  It’s a routine part of my physical. Not now.  Nothing’s routine these days, so I’ve rescheduled my annual physical and cancelled my membership in Weight Watchers. Until I rejoin, it’s up to…

March 30, 2020
Notes from Jan

A Wake-Up Song

Just to be clear, I don’t always wake up singing hymns. This one left me thinking of Jud and reflecting. “Fish gotta swim,  birds gotta fly, I’m gonna love one  man till I die” from Showboat. Well, it’s not the exact lyrics but it’s what I…

March 27, 2020
Notes from Jan

Soap and Time On My Hands

  Remember when phrases like “I’m having the time of my life” meant you were having a really good time?   Stuck inside, we  can  feel more like we’re doing time, instead of  having the time of our lives. But, in reality, we are experiencing both. How…

March 24, 2020
Notes from Jan

Thank God for WE Day

The handyman wasn’t all that handy. When asked when he’d get at such and such, his usual response was, “Most any time now.” I still  remember my parents’ frustration as he kept them dangling with his casual approach to real needs. In the midst…

March 21, 2020
Notes from Jan

Hope’s Still Hanging Around

The table’s still spread with books, Bibles and notes on hope, last week’s topic for adult Sunday School.  Neither church nor Sunday School happened last week, nor have a lot of events since then.  Still, I can’t seem to pack it away to neaten up. Nobody’s…

March 19, 2020
Notes from Jan

Matt Matters

  Just so you know,  I meant Matt not math, and it’s personal but I hope you’ll continue reading.  However, to confuse you further, I really like Andrew Yang’s lapel pin  MATH: Make America Think Harder.  This is a time to think harder  while we scrub…

March 17, 2020
Notes from Jan

Heart to Heart not Hand to Hand

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting at home, not in a pew. Feels odd. For me, Sunday and church go together like bacon and eggs, which actually show up  every Sunday at our church, during adult Sunday School’s Bible and Breakfast. Church’s  suspended to slow…

March 15, 2020
Notes from Jan

On Laughter and Lions

The Corona Virus is no laughing matter. It’s deadly serious but to wrap ourselves in fear and cave to panic is an emotional and psychological killer. So, why laugh?  For one thing,”A merry heart’s good medicine.”(Proverbs 17:23) This morning’s Boston Globe brought numbing news …

March 13, 2020