Notes from Jan

Signs of the Times

Awoke to blossoms fluttering past my window.  That’s strange. It’s May. After a few blinks, I looked again.  Snow! These are strange times. No point in fussing and fuming, I’m not going anywhere.  Plus, this too shall pass, and as a matter of fact, already has. Which…

May 9, 2020
Notes from Jan

What’s For Dinner?

These are strange times when it comes to food.  The President commands meat to come forth, no matter the cost. Lines of folks wait for something, anything to eat. And I go on a daily archaeological dig to my freezer to unearth something edible,…

May 4, 2020
Notes from Jan

Still Learning

There’s good in being still, learning to trust more, fret less.  I’m settling into the  calm embedded in this slower pace.  All is well until I move too far into the future, then fret turns into frantic. So, I take a deep breath, no…

May 2, 2020
Notes from Jan

Fault Lines

  The clock tells me it’s morning, still the small lamp in the living room flickers off, then on, as if the auto-sensor can’t decide.  I know the feeling.  Oddly, a Sven and Ole joke pops into my head.  Sven  was having a problem…

April 30, 2020
Notes from Jan

The Good Old Days Weren’t So Good

Cabin fever’s spreading like lies and misinformation in parts of the country.  Some tote guns, wave signs and assorted flags to show their support for the President, and others to express their frustration with how things are.   Everyone’s impacted, some more than others. Those…

April 25, 2020
Notes from Jan

Life Between the Lines

The Kleenex surprised me, tucked inside Mama’s Bible. I’d been sorting through books when I pulled her well-read copy off the shelf.  Thumbing through, I found the tissue alongside Genesis 12. It’s Abraham’s story of trusting in God’s Goodness,  then moving by faith, “unto…

April 22, 2020
Notes from Jan

Pure Easter

Last Sunday was one of my favorite Easters ever. It felt like deep down joy took a seat and stayed. So much was different. Since I haven’t been to the grocery store in over a month,  no Easter Lily perfumed the air. Nor did…

April 17, 2020
Notes from Jan

“Anybody Seen Peter?”

Good old  Pete! Always good for a laugh, a story about the big one that got away. Now, he’s the one who got away, or so it seemed back then. Rugged Peter, so quick to flip you off or flap his  gums, until he…

April 11, 2020
Notes from Jan

Lost and Found

We’ve all lost something during these prolonged time outs. But what have we found? I found a journal in a stack of books, words written from May  to September 2014, the year I lost Jud in November. It remained unopened for several days.  Enough trauma in…

April 9, 2020
Notes from Jan

Hidden Treasures in Holy Week

This is a season of unplanned deprivation. Yet, sometimes I find myself hunting for treasure. Take  my freezer, for example.  Sometimes, I feel like an archaeologist, digging for buried treasure or  something edible. I’ve taken to praying for the gift of interpretation. As for…

April 7, 2020